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Our history since 1850

manuscrito joyeria falomir

in 1837 borned in a small Valencian town called Lliria, Gregorio Falomir. Since an early age he showed interest in the noble art of silverware and his desire to study at the College of Jewellery of Valencia, since this College, created in 1627 and previously a guild since 1298, was for almost 600 years the main center of jewellery in the country and the most important artists resided there. After paying a sum of 600 reals , he enrolled in the school of jewellers and submitted to the tests of the master's degree in Art of Jewellery, which finally approved acquiring the degree of Master of Jewellery. This degree was the highest category of the profession and allowed Gregory Falomir to open his own workshop as well as to teach the less learned in the field. .

This is how he accepted his son Salvador among his apprentices and instilled in him the value of the effort and dedication of a work that has continued to be transmitted from master to apprentice until reaching the fifth generation of the Falomir Family Jewelers.